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2nd Annual SOA Symposium     (04)

April 21-22, 2010    (05)

Title:     (06)

2nd Annual SOA Symposium: Government and Industry Best Practices    (07)

Date/Time:    (08)

April 21, 2010, 8am-5pm and April 22, 2010, 8am-5pm    (09)

Location    (010)

Sheraton Crystal City Hotel - 1800 Jefferson Davis Hwy Arlington, VA 22202    (011)

Audience    (012)

Aprox. 500 DoD, Federal Government, and Industry attendees    (013)

Host    (014)

Mr. Dennis Wisnosky, Business Mission Area, Chief Technical Officer and
Chief Architect in the Office of the Deputy Chief Management Officer, U.S.
DoD    (015)

Website    (016) <>      (017)

Event POCs    (018)

Jessica.Zucal.ctr@xxxxxxx <mailto:Jessica.Zucal.ctr@xxxxxxx> , cell:
703.862.2828    (019)

Isabel.Rubio.ctr@xxxxxxx <mailto:Isabel.Rubio.ctr@xxxxxxx> , office:
703.692.6400    (020)

Event Description      (021)

The 2nd annual SOA Symposium brings together lessons learned and emerging
topics from both Government and Industry SOA experts, practitioners and
project teams. The theme of this year's SOA Symposium is "Discipline,
Teamwork & Semantic Technologies" to make SOA a successful reality.     (022)

On April 21 and 22, 2010, please join Elizabeth McGrath, ADCMO; David
Wennergren, DCIO; Paul Strassmann, Former Dir. of Defense Information; and
Baseball Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. as they impart the message of SOA and
highlight the necessity of individual and team discipline.    (023)

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has embarked on a path to implement SOA
as a primary means to deliver increased capability to the warfighter by
improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations. Industry
around the world has demonstrated that SOA can substantially reduce the cost
of IT infrastructure while greatly improving business agility. Both the IT
and the business communities must jointly own and manage a proven inclusive
architecture to achieve SOA success.     (024)

In 2009, the DoD SOA Symposium demonstrated that SOA must be considered a
Team Sport, involving all elements of people, process, technology, and
especially Trust. This 2nd Annual DoD SOA Symposium is focused on the
Discipline necessary within each individual team member and the team as a
whole to be successful; it will provide government and industry
professionals with the experiences of individual and team's successes that
are a result of best practice strategies for business intelligence, program
management, information access, and much more.    (025)

The conference will host more than 30 presenters from federal agencies,
industry and academia that cover the SOA lifecycle, technical issues,
governance and policy aspects, as well as emerging innovations and issues of
semantic integration and collaborative service-oriented solutions. The SOA
Symposium is a premier conference offering a forum for practitioners,
analysts, and industry representatives to present and discuss experiences
and trends. These conference sessions are directed at business and technical
architects, analysts, decision makers and IT practitioners.     (026)

Conference Tracks    (027)

Track 1: Service-Oriented Architecture & Solutions    (028)

This track is focused on the physical design of services and
service-oriented solutions with an emphasis on exploring service-oriented
technology architecture as a distinct form of distributed architecture. Also
provided are sessions that address related considerations pertaining to the
architectural impact of infrastructure, the creation of design
specifications, the utilization of related technologies and practices, and
how the emerging REST platform and related patterns and approaches can be
leveraged in support of realizing service-orientation.     (029)

Track 2: SOA Case Studies     (030)

Real-life accounts of successful and failed SOA projects discussed
first-hand by those that experienced the project lifecycles and have a story
to tell. These veteran practitioners will provide advice and insights
regarding challenges, pitfalls, proven practices, and general project
information that demonstrates the intricacies of implementing and governing
service-oriented solutions in the real world.     (031)

Track 3: Semantic Services, Data Management & Analytics     (032)

A series of diverse topics are represented by this track, including SOA and
the semantic Web, semantic platforms for business intelligence, standards
for data integration, SOA analytics and business intelligence, and
performance and compliance management.    (033)

Track 4: Service Modeling, Service-Oriented Design & SOA Design Patterns    (034)

Fundamental phases in any SOA project are the analysis and design stages
required to ensure that business and technology domains are being aligned as
closely as possible throughout the service delivery process. This track
contains sessions dedicated to service modeling and service-oriented design
techniques, as well as the application of proven SOA design patterns. A
focal point among these sessions is the exploration of SOA and business
process modeling approaches, including the analysis and separation of
business rules.     (035)

Track 5: Governance & Security    (036)

This track covers the individual governance of services, as well as
independent collections of services (or inventories), service portfolios,
and the governance and long-term evolution of service-oriented ecosystems in
general. Also encompassed by this track are topics that address service
security and security mechanisms for service-oriented solutions.    (037)

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