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Date: Sat, 19 May 2007 14:03:44 +0200
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       I don't plan to come to your very interesting workshop 
"build to share" about "virtual organizing".    (01)

At the same time, about how culture influence "abductions", agency and
(eventually) formalizations of knowledge and characterizations, I
recently discovered a documented historical-economical case-study about
the roots of democratic Japanese culture, that appears of some value to
those interested in the creation of a pluralistic global ambit of
communication.    (02)

Eiko Ikegami - Bonds of Civility:Aesthetic Networks and the political
origins of Japanese Culture.Cambridge Univ. Press 2005.
(A sociologist at the New York - New School for Social Research)    (03)

Accordingly to this Lady Aesthetic-based horizontal community building
in "feudal" hierarchical Japan (in the Tokugawa period and based on
beauty - from poetry to fashion), prepared the opening of the country to
the world culture and market later, thanks to the forced modernization
of the Meiji period (started in 1853 with a commercial agreement with
the Us).    (04)

These findings about remote facts appear to me surprisingly similar to
several modern web-based community building processes.    (05)

Bottom line: Horizontal Aesthetic-based community networking might
create a bridge among different cultures (as diverse as Asian and
Western ones), capable to positively influence abductions in a
pluralist cultural ambit.     (06)

Best wishes.    (07)

Roberto Bordogna.    (08)

Roberto Bordogna
Independent Researches
Corso Magenta 32
Milan 20123 Italy
Phone (39).02.8690867    (09)

and     (010)

Collegio Nuovo - Pavia University
roberto.bordogna@xxxxxxxx    (011)

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