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Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 19:17:50 +0200
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*********************************************************************    (01)

Please, excuse us if, for technical reasons, you already received this
message from us!    (02)

If you do not reply to this two-part message (part#1 about our conferences
in Slovenia and Italy, and part#2 about the Special Issues of IPSI
Transactions), we will never contact you again! If you reply, we will be
informing you about our conferences and journals, 4 to 6 times per year.    (03)

PART #1:    (04)

Dear potential speaker:    (05)

Based on your explicit interest expressed in the past and/or a
recommendation from a colleague who read your past publication(s), on
behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to extend a cordial
invitation for you to submit a paper to the IPSI Transactions journal, or
to attend one of the upcoming multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and
transdisciplinary (M+I+T++) conferences:
 _______________________________________________________________________    (06)

 LAKE BLED, in SLOVENIAN ALPS, near ADRIATIC SEA, Slovenia    (07)


 Arrival: 30 November 2006 / departure: 3 December 2006
 Last Deadline for Papers: September 20, 2006.    (09)

 ------------------------------------------------------------------    (010)

 IPSI-2006 VENICE (VIPSI-2006 VENICE)    (011)

 Arrival: 12 October 2006 / departure: 15 October 2006
 Last deadline for papers:  September 20, 2006    (012)

 ------------------------------------------------------------------    (013)

 Grand Hotel Miramare in Santa Margherita Ligure, near Portofino    (014)


 Arrival: 15 October 2006 / departure: 18 October 2006
 Last deadline for papers: September 20, 2006.    (016)

 ------------------------------------------------------------------    (017)

 Hotel Santa Caterina, Amalfi (near Napoli, Pompei, and Capri)    (018)

 IPSI-2007 AMALFI (VIPSI-2007 AMALFI)    (019)

 Arrival: 22 March 2007 / departure: 25 March 2007.
 Last deadline for papers: February 1, 2007.
 ----------------------------------------------------------------    (020)

 Centro Culturale Don Orione, Venice
 (a medieval monastery near San Marco Square)    (021)

 IPSI-2007 VENICE (VIPSI-2007 VENICE)    (022)

 Arrival: 19 March 2007 / departure: 22 March 2007.
 Last deadline for papers: February 1, 2007.
 ------------------------------------------------------------------    (023)

All our conferences are non-profit. They bring together the elite of the
world science; so far, we have had seven Nobel Laureates speaking at the
opening ceremonies. The conferences always take place in some of the most
attractive places of the world. All those who come to our conferences
once, always love to come back (because of the unique professional quality
and the extremely creative atmosphere); lists of past participants are on
the web, as well as the details of all future conferences.    (024)

These conferences are in line with the newest recommendations of the  US
National Science Foundation and of the EU research sponsoring agencies, to
stress multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary
research (M+I+T++ research). The speakers and activities at our
conferences truly support this type of scientific interaction.    (025)

Among the main topics of these conferences are: "E-education and
E-business with special emphasis on the Internet related research in
technical and non-technical fields." All topics directly or indirectly
related to current and future DARPA and NASA projects are also welcome
(all papers from all past IPSI conferneces are stored by NASA).    (026)

Other topics of interest include, but are not limited to:    (027)

   * Internet
   * Computer Science and Engineering
   * Mobile Communications/Computing for Science and Business
   * Management and Business Administration
   * Education
   * e-Medicine
   * e-Oriented Bio Engineering/Science and Molecular Engineering/Science
   * Environmental Protection
   * e-Economy
   * e-Law
   * Technology Based Art and Art to Inspire Technology Developments
   * Internet Psychology
   * Internet Phylosophy
   * Humanities in General    (028)

If you would like to get more information on either conference, please
reply to this e-mail message.    (029)

If you plan to submit an abstract and paper, please let us know that
immediately for planning purposes. Remember that you can submit your paper
also to one of the two IPSI Transactions journals, as indicated here:    (030)

 Part #2:    (031)

We are pleased to inform you that both IPSI Transactions journals are
planing some special issues in late 2006 and early 2007, and you are
welcome to submit your paper(s), at your earliest convenience. The
selection process will start as soon as we receive 48 papers per topic
(only 12 will be accepted for publication).    (032)

Special attention is dedicated to best papers from the above mentioned
conferneces, on all topics within the scope of the conferences (see
above).    (033)

The stress is on synergistic multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and
transdisciplinary interaction, and that enables the researchers to publish
research results tipicaly not suitable for traditional journals.
___________________________________________________________________________    (034)

IPSI Transactions on Internet Research (TIR):    (035)

The topics covered are those directly related to the Internet, and
absolutely all relevant aspects of it:    (036)

 - Internet, Economy, and Finance;
 - Collaboration Systems and Technologies;
 - Workflow Systems and Technologies
 - Internet Engineering
 - P2P
 - Information Systems
 - Intelligent Systems
 - E-Commerce Systems
 - Concept Modelling
 - E-Education Systems
 - Computer Communications
 - Distributed Systems
 - Advanced Web Programming
 - Security, Reliability, and Protection on the Internet    (037)

________________________________________________________    (038)

IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research (TAR):    (039)

The topics covered are those indirectly relevant for future development of
the Internet, and for the Multidisciplinary/Interdisciplinary research
related to the Internet:    (040)

 - Enterprise Management
 - Issues in Management and Business Administration
 - Project Management
 - Content Management
 - Application Software
 - System Software
 - Computer Architecture
 - Computer Design
 - Newly Emerging Technologies
 - Tools for Web and Related Applications
 - Decision Making in Business Environments
 - Any aspect of the Internet related medicine
 - Mobile Technologies
 - Mechanical Engineering    (041)

________________________________________________________    (042)

Each submitted paper first undergoes the editor review, and those who pass
this first stage are sent to 12 external experts for a rigorous review;
decisions are made after at least 5 external reviewers respond! The review
is free of charge, but the authors of the accepted papers are expected to
pay the publication fee of E500 per paper (if 4 or 5 or 6 pages of the
TIR/TAR format), and the additional fee of E100 per page, for each extra
page, till the maximum of 10 pages.    (043)

Rigorous reviewing is the major strength of IPSI journals, which is the
major contributor to their high quality! Soft copies of the existing
issues of TIR and TAR can be seen at the web, and hard copies can be
obtained on a special request by email, as indicated on the web!    (044)

If you are interested for submiting your paper for IPSI Transactions,
please reply to this message, and we will send you additional information.    (045)

Sincerely Yours,    (046)

Prof. Veljko Milutinovic, Chairman,
IPSI Conferences, Journals, and Tutorials    (047)

* * * CONTROLLING OUR E-MAILS TO YOU * * *    (048)

If you like to obtain more information about a conference from this call,
please reply with the conference CITY and COUNTRY in the subject.    (049)

If you would like to continue to be informed about our future conferences,
please reply to this e-mail message with a subject line of SUBSCRIBE.    (050)

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