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[ontac-forum] critic over the use of logic in ontology

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Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 21:06:17 -0700
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Andrea Proli    (01)

I have posted your kind note at    (02)

http://www.ontologystream.com/beads/nationalDebate/326.htm    (03)

and added some foot notes to address specific issues.    (04)

I then extended slightly these foot notes at    (05)

http://www.ontologystream.com/beads/nationalDebate/327.htm    (06)

so that the reading of our discussion would be as easy as possible.    (07)

At this point, we have said allot.  I am for letting others make comments
for a week and then perhaps return to this discussion based on some
reflection.    (08)

I am grateful for the collogue.    (09)

Paul Prueitt
Taos New Mexico    (010)

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