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I am forwarding this message, which came in today, just to place into the
record what tremendous effort is required to do ontology with Protege, after
11 years of development.    (01)

Someone has to be very dedicated to using OWL and Protege to even make such
a message to the forum.    (02)

Many many messages are more primitive than this one, from individuals who
would like to develop ontology for specific reasons, but then fail to ever
overcome the initial round of software problems.    (03)

The inclusion of OIL (ie first order predicate and description logics) into
the RDF standard is only part of the reason why Protege is failing to be a
complete tool that is sufficient to building and expressing ontology.    (04)

ONTAC needs to be real about these real community concerns about OWL and
Protege.  We need to move on and look at the OASIS standards and at web
service paradigms that are functional, user friendly and have the proper
utility.    (05)

Separating the specification of concepts "as frames" from the mechanisms of
first order logic is vital to progress, in my opinion.  Being able to
separately develop the mechanism for logical computation is easily possible
if we just decide that doing this would make things simpler.    (06)

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Subject: [protege-owl] Encountering a Similar Problem when loading files
in Beta 3.2    (07)

Greetings:    (08)

I am having a similar problem to the one indicated in this thread of
except that I'm using Protege version 3.2 beta.    (09)

My problem goes like this:    (010)

1.) I have an ontology that consists of 1 main ontology file, and 2 other
ontology files that are imported into the main one.    (011)

2.) All of my ontology work has been done in OWL FULL.  I developed all 3
ontologies using Protege 2000 from the very beginning.  Each time a new
of Protege comes out, I upgrade.    (012)

3.) The last version of Protege that I was able to load all 3 files in
successfully, and able to continue with developement was version 3.0 beta
54.    (013)

4.) My entire ontology (import files included) works great in this older
version of Protege.  There are no problems in loading all 3 files and
with them.    (014)

5.)  When upgrading to Beta 3.2, I am able to "Create" new Protege project
files for the 2 imported ontologies without any kind of problems.  When I
create both Protege project files, I create them with the following options:
"OWL Full" and "Properties Window."  Both files work fine.    (015)

6.)  However, when I try to "Create" a new Protege project file for the main
ontology file (this is the file that imports the other two), I am given
load errors.  Keep in mind that this same OWL Full file works in Protege 3.0
beta, build 54.    (016)

7.)  Under 3.2 Beta, I get a similar error code "@_:A6627" which appears as
actual class in the GUI.  Other strange behavior that I encounter includes:    (017)

-  The "owl:Class" and "rdfs:Class" Meta Classes that I created appear in
Class Browser.  Sometimes I get "INVALID -- Slot(class)" that shows up under
these Meta Classes.  But even after I modified the main ontology to get rid
these "INVALID" indicators, Protege still cannot create and load the main
ontology project properly.  Just the meta classes in the "Class Browser" tab
are displayed.    (018)

-  Under the "Individuals Tab," when I select any of the meta classes, all
my ontology classes (which do not appear in the Class Browser Tab- as
above) appear under the "Individuals Tab" as instances/individuals under
meta class.  This includes classes from the two imported ontologies as well
the main ontology file.    (019)

-  Under the Properties Tab, all the properties from each ontology file
as well.    (020)

If you could advise me as to what things I should check or try in order to
my main ontology file to work in the latest Protege environment, I would be
most grateful.    (021)

One other question that I have is, Protege recommends two OWL Validators.
For the http://phoebus.cs.man.ac.uk:9999/OWL/Validator...do I run this from
Protege itself, using the "WonderWeb validator" option under the Tools menu?    (022)

I assume I need to run this over the internet as well for it to work...am I
right?    (023)

Thank you very much for your help.    (024)

Maryann Wronko    (025)

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