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[ontac-forum] Ontology and Interoperability

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From: Ken Ewell <mitioke@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 03 Dec 2005 14:19:13 -0500
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Uniform weights and measures are great for commerce, but let's be more 
real about uniform "concepts" -- shall we?  For every task there is the 
right tool.    (01)

As I was reading the latest digest of comments from this forum, and 
particularly the debate about a framework or upper ontology  and 
interoperability, the debate about EBCDIC or ASCII, and to a lesser 
extent Baudot and other codes,  as a "uniform code for information 
interchange"-- came to mind.  Since (I believe) John Sowa was with IBM 
at that time maybe he can recall some of the arguments, rational and 
forces that picked ASCII over EBCDIC and why it was necessary at all. 
The underlying issues and potential consequences seem to be similar to 
the works being discussed here.    (02)

Another incidental picture that popped into my mind, was about how Plato 
railed against the poets of his time, and urged people to "think for 
themselves" and not to simply repeat the "content" and scripts (they 
learned), or reenact the scenes of popular plays and stories to 
represent what they mean or deliver a message. That was at the start of 
western science and civilization, what is being started here?  In the 
spirit of "food for thought" and in the context of any specification of 
any conceptualization: isn't every rendition of such an ontology really 
only a sort of poem?    (03)

The strategies of mass control and kind of cultism surrounding Wikipedia 
encyclopedic entries (just search on 'wikipedia') also comes to mind.  
Noted recently: 
http://www.zpenergy.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1635    (04)

Ken Ewell    (05)

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>Maybe it wlll take more than prayers and include a few weekends yet...
>These types of encyclopedic ontology efforts tha pop up suggest we need to be 
>concerned about
>ontology consumer protection.  Perhaps, as develop better criteria to judge 
>these candidates we can
>launch an effort, say at  NIST to develop some standards by which we judge 
>these candidates.
>Gary Berg-Cross
>Rick wrote> guess we can take the weekend off ...    (01)
>    (07)

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