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[ontac-forum] COSMO Working Group -- did you get the first e-mail?

To: "ONTAC-WG General Discussion" <ontac-forum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: "Cassidy, Patrick J." <pcassidy@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 12:21:56 -0400
Message-id: <6ACD6742E291AF459206FFF2897764BE563EDD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
   I sent an email to the list of COSMO-WG members on Tuesday (the
11th) about 6:10 PM.  If your name is on the list below, and you didn't
get this message, please let me know -- send a reply directly to
pcassidy  at mitre.org.  I may have to create another forum and use
that e-mail mechanism.
  I got the message, but at least one member did not.  I would like to
know if there is a general problem.    (01)

  The first paragraph was:    (02)

NOTE: This is the first e-mail to the individualized list of COSMO-WG
members.  I would expect a "reply to all" to go back to the same list.
Since we have begun technical discussions, this would be the
appropriate list for the COSMO-WG.  The list can be joined or left at
any time, by sending me a note.  These emails will not be archived
using this method.  If we decide we want the emails to be archived, we
can set up another forum and listserver.  I plan to post any decisions
or results we get to the general list.  Resources can be posted to the
reference page (to avoid spamming, a special WebDav setup is required.
I will post if you send to me).
>>---    (03)

   The message was sent to the following list:    (04)

Eric Peterson
Dagobert Soergel
Roy Roebuck
Olivier Bodenreider
Patrick Cassidy
Antoinette Arsic
James Schoening
Gary Berg-Cross
Adam Pease
Barry Smith
John F. Sowa
Roberto Bordogna
Leo J. Obrst
Matthew R. West
Nicolas Rouquette
Michael Denny
Peter Yim
John Young
Harold Frisch
Jeffrey A. Schiffel
Richard Lee 
Christopher Spottiswoode
Charles Turnitsa
Wu Hanxin 
J. P. Morgenthal
I.N. Sarkar 
Anne Cregan
Walt Truszkowski
Lowell Vizenor 
Richard Murphy
Pawel Garbacz 
====================     (05)

Pat    (06)

Patrick Cassidy
MITRE Corporation
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Eatontown, NJ 07724
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Email: pcassidy@xxxxxxxxx    (07)

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