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[etkn-forum] ETKN July minutes and Pooled Fund solicitation information

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Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2010 09:19:04 -0400
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Hi All-


I’m attaching the revised minutes from our July meeting, and sending information for those interested in the new Pooled Fund. Information on this project is available @   If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can read  the complete solicitation document- it’s a PDF file.  


For those who are ready to commit their agency’s participation,  you should visit this web site  :      


For purposes of beginning the contract, AJ Million (contact person for the new PF) is requesting commitments by October 31.  Please note, this Pooled Fund will continue the work of TPF-5 (105) but it hasn’t been assigned its own number yet.  As of yesterday, it has exceeded the required funding commitments to get started!  State DOTs who have committed so far are:  ID, MI, NM, NY, OH, OR, PA, and WI.  Several others are expected to commit within the next month.


Happy Friday!





Jane Minotti
Librarian, Research Library
NYS Department of Transportation
50 Wolf Road POD 3-4
Albany, NY  12232
518--457-7535 (FAX)


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