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Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2010 13:13:16 -0500
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Hello, all:
As we discussed in our January meeting, the National Transportation Library is preparing to begin work on five collaborative projects which were identified at the national TKN meeting in June. (For those who weren't there, it was held at USDOT at the conclusion of SLA,  and was a brainstorming effort to identify priorities to launch for the National Transportation Knowledge Network.)  Amanda Wilson has asked each of the regional TKN chairs to obtain at least one volunteer for each project. 
These projects are a great way to support the national transportation knowledge network, pursue an interest or initiative, and collaborate with peers from across the TKNs.  The projects are:
  • Cooperative Cataloging- Kimberly Edwards (FHWA) and Sean Varner (NTL)-facilitators
  • Hot Topics/ Synthesis Papers- Dave Jones, (NTL)-facilitator
  • Web 2.0/ Rosalind Romain, (NTL)- facilitator
  • Cooperative collection development project- Jennifer Botleler (FHWA) and Tom Haggerty (NTL)-facilitators
  • Targeted digitization project- Amanda Wilson and new NTL digital librarian- facilitators
More info on the projects can be found at   , or you can contact me.
I'm looking for at least one volunteer for each project. Betty Ambler has volunteered to work on the Hot Topics (but more than one volunteer/ project is okay.) (Thanks Betty!)  Meetings are planned for once a month.  The upcoming TLR, this Thursday, will focus on RITA's Sharepoint site where the documents and collaboration will be centrally located/hosted.  
Please consider participating and get back to me by 3PM EST on Friday, March 12. If you have any questions, please contact me.
Thanks so much,
Jane Minotti
Librarian, Research Library
NYS Department of Transportation
50 Wolf Road POD 3-4
Albany, NY  12232
518--457-7535 (FAX)

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