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I concur with both of these appointments. 


David M. Jared, P.E.

Senior Research Engineer & Library Supervisor

Georgia DOT, Office of Materials & Research

15 Kennedy Dr., Forest Park, GA, 30297-2534

Voice: 404.363.7569; Cell: 404.713.6549

"For to me to live is Christ..."--Philippians 1:21


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Hi all,

We received one nomination/volunteer for each of the two positions open for election this year:


Vice-Chair / Chair-Elect – Lynn Matis


Recording Secretary – Stardina Wyche


Thank you both for being available to serve.


It’s a formality, but we do need to vote. Please reply to me with your votes.



Sandy Brady

2010 Past Chair Eastern Transportation Knowledge Network


LTRC TTEC Librarian & Transportation Research Advisor

4099 Gourrier Ave.

Baton Rouge,  LA  70808


fax (225)767-9733



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