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[etkn-forum] Request for Information Re Staffing Ratios

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Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 13:51:16 -0500
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Yesterday, I sent this request to the Trans List Serve, but in case you did not get it, this is the request for information regarding staffing ratios:


Our Human Resources Department is looking for  any organizational analysis in connection with the  staffing ratios of your transportation state agency (or organization).  We are looking for staffing ratios from other state transportation departments that show the percentage of overall staff devoted

To particular activities such as Human Resources,  Labor Relations, IT, Auditing, Payroll Accounting, Civil/Structural Engineering, Facilities Management,

Right of Way, Highway Maintenance, Highway and Bridge Construction and Legal Support.


If you have any of these ratios or other benchmarking materials, we would greatly appreciate it if you can send it to us.







Lynn Matis

Chief Librarian and Archivist

State Transportation Library of Massachusetts

10 Park Plaza  2nd floor

Boston, MA  02116








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