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Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2009 14:46:29 -0500
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Hi all,

I’ve been asked by Rita Evans, Library Director, Institute of Transportation Studies,

to forward this notice to everyone, and am happy to do so. What a great resource!


Sandy Brady

2009 Chair, ETKN




G3 Service Extended


The ITS Library at UC Berkeley provides duplicate copies of research reports, manuals and other publications available free of charge to public employees in California involved in transportation. For a trial period of October 1 through December 15, 2009, we are making this service – known as Going…Going…Gone (G3) – available to public employees involved in transportation anywhere in the US.


To use G3, direct users to the G3 website at Search or browse available titles, then make requests online. Topics include pavements, work zones, traffic operations, bridges, traffic safety, public transit, finance and administration, and more.


First time users will need to register, but no password or other authorization is needed to use the system. Users must provide contact information, including an email address, which indicates that they work for a public agency. Users can make request directly; the requests do not have to be routed through a library.


Eligibility extends to public employees at the federal, state, tribal, regional and local level. DOTs, MPOs and other agencies are all eligible. We also will honor requests from any private company which is a member of a regional TKN.


There are no charges to users. The National TKN Resource Sharing Project is providing funding to cover mailing costs, while the ITS Library and California LTAP are covering administrative costs.


Please feel free to contact the ITS Library if you have any questions, 510-642-3604 or itslib@xxxxxxxxxxxx



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