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[etkn-forum] Minutes for the September 24, 2009 ETKN conference call me

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Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 19:32:55 -0400
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Hello, ETKN Members -    (01)

Attached are the minutes of the September 24, 2009 ETKN conference call 
meeting.  Thanks to Sandy for recording them online as the meeting progressed!  
If there is anything I should add, please let me know - I'll be happy to do it. 
 With best regards,    (02)

Carol    (03)

Carol Paszamant, Librarian
NJ Dept. of Transportation
Research Library
1035 Parkway Ave.
PO Box 600
Trenton, NJ  08625-0600
609-530-5289  fax: 609-530-2052
carol.paszamant@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx     (04)

>>> Sandra Brady <Sandra.Brady@xxxxxx> 9/24/2009 12:15 PM >>>
Hi all,
Carol Paszamant will send out the minutes later, but until then here are the 
web sites for a couple of the member projects we talked about today:    (05)

Carol and her library participated in the September Project, "a grassroots 
effort to encourage events about freedom in all libraries in all countries 
during the month of September."     (06)

As treasurer of the SLA Transportation Division, Jane Minotti is looking for 
ideas on how best to take advantage a generous donation.    (07)

Sandy Brady
2009 Chair Eastern Transportation Knowledge Network (ETKN)
LTRC TTEC Librarian & Transportation Research Advisor
4099 Gourrier Ave.
Baton Rouge,  LA  70808
fax (225)767-9733 
Sandra.Brady@xxxxxx<mailto:Sandra.Brady@xxxxxx>    (08)

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