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[etkn-forum] ETKN conference call on Thursday morning

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Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 15:47:56 -0500
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Hi all,

So the plan is, tomorrow morning, we’ll get together and chat.


Thursday, March 26, 11:00 am eastern (10:00 am central)

The number is 1-218-486-8700   

Participant Access Code is 20001


The Agenda

·         Schedule of conference calls for this year (2009)

·         Invitations for membership?

·         ETKN website -

·         Digital Collaboratory -

·         Climate Change sharing web site

·         NTL portal for ETKN

·         NTKN and ETKN meeting June 18

·         … anything else y’all want to talk about


…not as nice and detailed as Ken’s, but it’s been a crazy week.

Awe, who am I kidding, I’ll never be as organized as Ken ;)  That’s why my weeks get crazy!


Sandy Brady
LTRC TTEC Librarian & Transportation Research Advisor
4099 Gourrier Ave

Baton Rouge, LA  70808
fax (225)767-9733



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