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Re: [etkn-forum] ETKN Conference call!!!

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From: "Carol Paszamant" <Carol.Paszamant@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 12:52:42 -0400
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Hi, Sandy et al.,    (01)

There are a couple of libraries I thought we might invite to become ETKN 
members:    (02)

US Air Force Base Library at McGuire AFB in NJ, and
US Air Force Research Lab, Rome, NY    (03)

if anyone has any feelings on that, one way or another.  There are no doubt 
others as well that might be interested.    (04)

Carol Paszamant, Librarian
NJ Dept. of Transportation
Research Library
1035 Parkway Ave.
PO Box 600
Trenton, NJ  08625-0600
609-530-5289  fax: 609-530-2052
carol.paszamant@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx     (05)

>>> Sandra Brady <Sandra.Brady@xxxxxx> 3/23/2009 12:16 PM >>>
Hi all,
So I started to send this message last Monday, then kept putting it off, and 
now it's Monday again. Sorry for the procrastination!    (06)

It's the Monday before the last Thursday of the month which means it's time for 
an ETKN meeting :) I'm working on an agenda which I'll send out a little later 
this week. Is there anything any of you would like to talk about on Thursday?
So far I have:    (07)

*         Schedule of conference calls for this year (2009)    (08)

*         NTKN and ETKN meeting June 18    (09)

*         ETKN website    (010)

*         ???    (011)

Please plan on joining us Thursday, March 26 at 10:00 am Eastern.    (012)

Sandy Brady
LTRC TTEC Librarian & Transportation Research Advisor
4099 Gourrier Ave
Baton Rouge, LA  70808
fax (225)767-9733
Sandra.Brady@xxxxxx     (013)

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