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Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 13:33:33 -0400
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Dear ETKN Members-    (01)

Last Thursday during our last conference call, many of you asked for an
update on the status of the TKN Resource Sharing Pilot Project.    (02)

This is the project though which we will be working to share items in
our collections with other TKN libraries (about 50 total) nationwide.
Certainly, many of us borrow and loan things to other TKN libraries on a
regular basis now.    (03)

However, as a part of this "study" funds will be available to defray
shipping and return shipping costs when they occur to TKN libraries.    (04)

This program was initially proposed last spring and the grant awarded in
the early summer.  The official "start" date has been pushed back
several times.      (05)

So the question we all had Thursday was "when do we start?"    (06)

See Amanda Wilson's reply below for the most up-to-date answer.    (07)

The key holdup appears to be an administrative one regarding the
transfer of funds.    (08)

When more information is available I will forward it to you.    (09)

Until then, I certainly encourage you all to loan and borrow from any
library (TKN or otherwise) that makes sense to you.    (010)

This is a great program and we all look forward to the official start.    (011)

Until then, thanks for your patience!    (012)

Ken Winter, MLIS 
Director of Library and Information Services
VDOT Research Library
530 Edgemont Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903 
Ph: (434) 293-1959 FAX: (434) 293-4196 
Email: Ken.Winter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Intranet: http://rclibrary    (013)

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Subject: TKN Resource Sharing update    (014)

Dear All,     (015)

Update on the TKN Resource Sharing Project:    (016)

We are still awaiting receipt of funds from Wisconsin. Just this morning
(after a steady stream of emails and phone calls) we received a message
indicating that information needs to be exchanged between Wisconsin
departments for the process to move forward.     (017)

Wisconsin DOT/Pooled Fund has offered to pursue another solution to
route the money to NTL, which NTL is following up on.    (018)

I do not want to five another "go live" date because the transfer of
money is out of my control.    (019)

For your membership:
-the "project" actually begins when NTL receives money and the FedEx
number is distributed, though the tools for the project (OCLC LSTR GAC,
guidelines, etc.) are set up and ready to use now.
-we are awaiting receipt of funds before the establishing an official
"start" date (i.e., no news = no shipping money).    (020)

Amanda    (021)

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