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[etkn-forum] Eastern Transportation Knowledge Network Organizing Meeting

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Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2007 16:27:34 -0400
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Welcome to the ETKN listserv!    (01)

We will be using this mechanism as a communication and discussion tool.  We 
also have an online workspace where we can collaboratively work to form and 
work as a network. (Instructions on how to use the software are at the bottom 
of this message)    (02)

For the organizing meeting next Friday, 9 November 2007, the Exploratory 
Committee (EC) would like to distribute information for your review and action 
prior to Friday. For those who will be participating remotely, web conference 
information will be sent in a separate email.     (03)

Note: If the URLs that follow do not work, please copy and paste the entire 
string into the address bar of your browswer.    (04)

1. URL for ETKN Workspace:    (05)

This page contains draft information about the network and materials, 
information about the organizing meeting, and thoughts to keep in mind as we 
develop the network.    (06)

2. Organizing Meeting Agenda:    (07)

3. ETKN Resolution:    (08)

The first accomplishment we'd like to have is to form the Eastern 
Transportation Knowledge Network. For this purpose, the EC has prepared a 
resolution to commemorate the event.    (09)

ACTION ITEM: Please review the mission and resolution statement before our 
meeting.    (010)

4. Assets and Needs Inventory:    (011)

To ensure maximum benefit for members, the EC would like to start with an 
inventory of member assts and needs.     (012)

ACTION ITEM: Before next Friday, please enter your library's assets and needs.    (013)

5. In the last session of the meeting, we want to begin the process of 
establishing an organizational and governance structure for the network. The 
two other regional transportation knowledge networks have already made great 
strides in creating bylaws and organizing principles.     (014)

Midwest Transportation Knowledge Network organizing documents:    (015)

Western Transportation Knowledge Network organizing documents: (user name: colab-member; password: colab)    (016)

ACTION ITEM: Please review the bylaws and guiding principles for each network 
and identify those things you would like to change for ETKN's infrastructure    (017)

We look forward to working with you next Friday!    (018)

The Exploratory Committee for the Development of the Eastern Transportation 
Knowledge Network    (019)

(Jennifer Boteler, Ruth Letson, Barbara Post, Mary Ellen Tucker, Amanda J. 
Wilson, Director, and Ken Winter)    (020)

-----    (021)

Instructions for Using the Workspace    (022)

Go to:    (023)

1. Click "Create Account" - appears in the top right corner of the page under 
the USA Services logo    (024)

2. User Name: your user name should be your first and last name with no space 
(e.g., Ruth Letson's log in is "RuthLetson")     (025)

3. Choose a password    (026)

4. enter the numbers in the image to complete registration    (027)

When logged in, you can edit any page by clicking  "Edit text of this page" 
which appears at the bottom of every page in the site    (028)

To format pages, please view Text Formatting Rules:    (029)

For background and introductory information to the workspace, please view:    (030)

(particularly numbers 3 and 4 on this page)    (031)

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