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You are cordially invited to be attend a one-day conference / workshop
in Washington, DC on February 17, 2009, that will be hosted by Computer
Science Corporation at their Executive Briefing Center. Please see the
agenda at
 and register by providing the following in an email: Name,
Organization, Address, Phone Number, and In-person or Remote Attendance
to niemann.brand@xxxxxxxx    (01)

Thank you,    (02)

Brand Niemann and Mills Davis
Semantic Community and Semantic Exchange
http://semanticommunity.wik.is/ and http://semanticexchange.com.    (03)

More Information    (04)

With a new administration being installed in January, the goal of this
conference is to envision changes coming to next stage web-based systems
in government, and to map the role of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 semantic
technologies in the evolution of government information systems from
e-gov (silos with web front ends) to connected governance (e.g.
distributed social computing environments for collaborative work,
information sharing, knowledge management, and decision-making.)    (05)

Our keynote session will highlight recent findings, conclusions and
recommendations from a recent United Nation's study that examined the
current state and direction of evolution of e-government world-wide. It
will also feature "running your organization on semantics" by the Dutch
government.    (06)

The keynotes will be followed by an overview presentation by Brand
Niemann and Mills Davis which will envision the role of Web 2.0 and Web
3.0 semantic technologies in next stage government social computing
environments for serious collaboration. This presentation will present
an overall model, with illustrations, and will reference unique
capabilities that each of our panelists brings to next--generation
solutions.    (07)

Following the overview, we convene the panel where panelists offer a
brief position statement about the capabilities they provide and the
value their commercial solutions bring. However, the goal of the panel
discussion will be to talk about how the capabilities of different
panelists might be combined to further enhance the value to government,
business, and citizenry.    (08)

After lunch, the conference will feature demos. Each panelist will have
the opportunity (about 15 minutes) to present.  A topic we would like
them to feature would be what sort of free trial or quickstart package
(s) they offer that government agencies can access to learn more or get
started.    (09)

The conference call to action will be to ask government agencies and
system integrators present to do pilot projects that integrate their
capabilities into next generation environments for collaborative work,
information sharing, and knowledge management, and connected governance.    (010)

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