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Is this for Feds only, or can contractors apply too?


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Until such time as the Department of Transportation is able to fill numerous vacant positions, we are seeking qualified individuals who may be interested in a detail.  Information is as identified in the below two requests. 

Request #1 -The Department of Transportation is seeking qualified individuals to assist with the eGov initiatives. The proposed timeframe for the detail is immediate for a minimum of 90 calendar days with the possibility of an extension should all parties agree.   Below is a description of the desired duties, although they could be expanded/contracted based on the person's skills, abilities, and interests.  If you are interested on a full or part-time basis,  please contact Kathryn Espenshade at Kathryn.Espenshade@xxxxxxx or 202-366-4276.  Thank you.

Proposed Detail Activities: 

* Assess the situation with the 33 DOT eGov initiatives and outstanding deliverables.  This assessment should at a minimum address required workbooks to be posted to OMB portal, required implementation plans, and MOAs with Managing Partners.

*Provide summary of assessment to the Associate CIO and to CIOs at the Operating Administration level

* Develop a calendar of activities for eGov initiative owners

* Meet monthly with DOT initiative owners to discuss approach, deliverables and issues

* Track eGov deliverables due to OMB

* Coordinate the DOT eGov responses to OMB

* Develop a Standard Operating Procedure providing step-by-step procedures as to what actions are to be taken by DOT initiative owners, OCIO and others as necessary.

* Share lessons learned


Request #2 - The Department of Transportation is seeking qualified individuals to assist with IT capital planning and investment control.The proposed timeframe is immediate for minimum of 90 calendar days with the possibility of an extension should all parties agree.  Below is a description of the desired duties, although they could be expanded/contracted based on the person’s skills, abilities, and interests. If you are interested on a  full- or part-time basis, please  contact Kathryn Espenshade at Kathryn.espenshade@xxxxxxx or 202-366-4276. Thanks you.


Proposed Detail Activities: 

*Complete an assessment of the current state of program management across DOT

*Research PM activities across other departments looking for opportunities to leverage existing programs

*Assist in developing/designing  a program management organization which could provide guidance, training and assistance across DOT 


*Identifying immediate next steps to be accomplished within FY2010 to address FAC/PPM requirements


*Identify phased approach to address all areas of program management and recertification in coordination with the acquisition community


*Develop proposed budget documentation to support the needs of DOT in the area of PM providing proposal identifying three levels of support


*Identify training classes which could be leveraged from other organizations and used across DOT


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