Who am I?

Jay Peltz

Federal Connections Leadership Team
email: FamFare?@comcast.net
tel: 410.903.0401 (mobile, voxmail)
fax: 888.824.7594

Why am I here?

"Maven" for KM, Communities, and Organizational Effectiveness -- "Pursuing my Passion"
"Connector" for KM & related disciplines/technologies accross multiple sectors

What I hope to bring to the table

KMPro Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) -- active KMPro member
Knowledge, Understanding, & Wisdom from Federal service experience
Avid desire to promote effectiveness within & across communities, particulary in Federal Goverment sector

Project thrust areas

Improving methodologies & means for collaborative development of taxonomies & ontologies
Evolving multi-lingual interoperability capabilities
Bringing tech transfer from research work to bear in this domain