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MFS - Current USGAAP Taxonomy Framework US GAAP CI: over 1,500 unique, individually identified pieces of information, and IAS-PFS has over 800 such items.
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Added MFS
Added MFS
Added MFS
The underlying or referenced taxonomies remain unaltered; the entity extending the taxonomy simply provides its own views of the taxonomy information in order to personalize the data; while the referenced taxonomy elements remain the same, the labels, presentation hierarchy and calculation summations are extended to meet an entities needs. For example, an entity may wish to add an element not found in the referenced taxonomy that is unique to that entity.  Or, they may wish to extend the label of a referenced element to meet their own particular financial reporting needs. This powerful feature ensures user defined flexibility while maintaining comparability.
Once an XBRL Instance Document and Extension Taxonomy are created, they can then be securely located on the internet or an intranet for consumption.  In the example below, an end user accesses the Instance Document via the internet.
Once the Instance Document is loaded in the XBRL enabled software, the information will be analyzed, compared and rendered using a variety of methods.